Protecting Our World with Elastomeric Material Solutions

Automotive Sensors

Acoustics & Vibration

Vibration between mating components can produce objectionable sounds leading to wear and lower perceived product quality. Find out how Rogers’ PORON® Polyurethane foams and BISCO® Silicone materials reduce the transmission of sound while inhibiting the spread of fire and smoke.

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Automotive Sensors

Cushioning & Pads

From baseball gloves to batteries to ballistics -- you engineer your products to perform even under extreme conditions, such as shock and vibration. PORON® Polyurethanes and BISCO® Silicones have a unique open cell structure that will not break down with continual use.

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Automotive Sensors

Sealing & Gasketing

One small area of poor sealing can cause failure in an otherwise well-designed system. BISCO® Silicone and PORON® Polyurethane foams maintain excellent resistance to compression set (collapse) so gaskets and cushioning pads won’t loosen over time.

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Automotive Sensors

Shock & Impact

Most noise and wear caused from vibration occurs because of friction or impact. PORON® Polyurethane and BISCO® Silicone foams are uniquely formulated to provide resistance to compression set (collapse), high resiliency, good vibration dampening, and impact absorption.

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Designing the products that protect our world requires constant innovation and a persistent search for the best materials...materials that are lighter, stronger, flexible, and more reliable. Rogers Elastomeric Material Solutions are engineered for superior performance, from ultra-thin protection for sensitive electronics to robust gasketing for automotive applications. In 2015, Rogers acquired Arlon® Silicones, diversifying Rogers’ solutions in sealing and insulation applications. In 2016, DeWAL Industries became part of the Rogers family of elastomeric material solutions, as did Diversified Silicone Products in 2017.


Improving the passenger experience has become increasingly important for airlines around the world. Managing vibration and preventing engine noise from penetrating the cabin interior are critical to creating a quiet, comfortable ride for commercial travelers.

Durable sealing materials help create reliable flooring constructions that last for decades.

Gaskets and Gap Filling
Silicone materials with wide temperature range (from -55°C to 200°C) approved to Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) for aircraft interiors.

Vibration & Acoustic Solutions
A variety of durable and reliable materials meeting aerospace standards to solve vibration and acoustic design needs.

Automotive/Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Automotive interiors and exteriors are subjected to a variety of extreme environmental conditions. Safety is also a concern as severe damage is possible if the battery pack is not properly sealed. Gaskets and gap fillers are needed to protect sensitive electronics and seal out air, water, dust, light, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Rogers’ foam materials are designed for high temperature/high pressure gasketing applications. They contain no plasticizers or residual chemicals to contaminate devices. The material will not become brittle and crumble, and is non-corrosive to metal.

Gasketing, Sealing, and Gap Filling
High performance materials to seal out water and dust, reduce noise, shock, vibration, and provide long-term gap filling in a broad range of automotive applications.

Consumer Electronics

The smaller, more powerful, and more versatile portable communications devices get the more important it is to protect sensitive electronics, such as displays and batteries. Getting molded enclosures and hardware to fit as planned is difficult, especially in mobile devices. Continuing advancements require solving demanding design, application, and fabrication challenges.

Rogers’ high performance foams absorb and distribute impact energy, shielding mechanical components and electronics, preventing unwanted damage, such as cracks in cell phone screens.

Gasket, Sealing, and Gap Filling
High performance materials to seal out water and dust, impact absorption, and provide long-term gap filling in handheld device applications.

Foot Pads
Anti-slip material designed to protect and cushion for use in telephones, DVD players, computers, and many other consumer electronics.

Electronic Enclosures

Friction or impact can lead to vibration between mating components. This can produce significant wear and shorter product life cycles. In addition, load limits, bolt patterns, and flange design impact seal performance. Assembled housings and enclosures must ensure adequate gasket compression to provide the required level of seal.

Rogers’ foam materials have a relatively flat compression force deflection curve. This compressibility enables the load to remain within required limits while accommodating a larger range of compressions. This widens overall design limits beyond the capabilities of many materials, such as elastomers.

Enclosure Panel, Door, & Window Seals
High performance foams whose unique formulation will not take a set or relax, maintaining an effective seal over the life of the material.


Daily wear can be tough on a product and its wearer. Designs strive for lighter, stronger, and more flexible materials in everything from shoes and clothing to outdoor gear and athletic equipment. Rogers high performance polyurethane foams deliver consistent, long-lasting cushioning comfort.

Antimicrobial Protection
PORON® Cushioning with Microban® antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause product stains and odors.

PORON® performance polyurethanes offer maximum retention of comfort and flexibility.

Cushioning and Shock Absorption
PORON® materials have been designed to provide maximum repeated shock absorption from minimum thickness.

Moisture Management
Extra absorbent material wicks away moisture from the body during use, then releasing the moisture vapor when not in use.


Advances in medical technology never stop, from orthopedics and prosthetics to transdermal patches and IV site dressings. Healing is faster when medical cushioning & wound dressings absorb impact, retain shape, and hinder infection.

Patient Cushioning
PORON Medical® cellular polyurethanes are engineered, medium density, microcellular foam material used in orthopedic and prosthetic applications, including custom orthotics, custom prefabricated orthotics, prosthetic padding and other biomechanical supports.

Wound Dressing
Comfortable, breathable and stain-resistant, DERMABAK® advanced dermal materials are specifically designed for use in advanced wound dressing backings, transdermal patches, IV site dressings and EKG electrodes.


Transportation engineers and designers are under tremendous pressure to deliver high-quality and very long-lasting products that integrate a variety of diverse components. This includes control panels, sidewall and ceiling liners, seat cushions, and floors. In addition, they must be sensitive to travelers demands for low levels of noise and vibration.

A specific sealing strip can be the main vibration isolator between two expensive wall panels. The right gaskets and seals block the path of sound and vibration, reducing noise and ensuring a more comfortable ride. They also protect mechanical parts and sensitive electronics from the damaging effects of friction and wear.

Gasketing & Sealing
High temperature silicone materials, ideal for use as gaskets and seals, cushions, and thermal and acoustic insulation in demanding conditions.

Vibration Isolation
BISCO® Cellular and Specialty Silicones provide acoustic solutions that mitigate noise, resulting in quiet interior cabins.

Sports Equipment & Apparel

Sports equipment is engineered to provide reliable protection even under extreme conditions. Bulky padding is uncomfortable and rigid. You want a unique, custom fit that is comfortable, ensures ease of motion, and absorbs impact.

Rogers’ materials deliver wearable protection that’s comfortable, lightweight, flexible, and breathable. In side-by-side tests, our polyurethane foams outperform vinyl sponge, neoprene sponge, sponge rubber, latest foam, vinyl nitrile, and solid viscoelastic.

Impact Absorption
Our state-of-the-art materials are the choice for extreme impact protection. They are soft and contouring against the body, yet instantly dissipate force on impact.

Elastomeric Material Solutions Products

Rogers offers a complete line of elastomeric material solutions products designed for challenging conditions. A unique, open cell structure produces a breathable foam that’s soft to the touch and won’t break down with continual use.

Elastomeric Material Solutions Products

Product Lines

Arlon Silicones

ARLON® Silicones

Precision-calendered silicone elastomers providing complete control over physical, chemical and electrical properties in the most demanding applications.


Proprietary phase change material addressing thermal management issues by capturing heat allowing devices to remain cooler by delaying temperature ramps.

BISCO® Silicones

BISCO® Silicones

Specialty foams for high performance gaskets and seals that need to meet strict reliability requirements for temperature, flammability, toxicity, or other extreme conditions.

PORON® Microcellular Urethanes for Gasketing and Sealing

PORON® Microcellular Urethanes for Gasketing and Sealing

Specialty foam for high performance gaskets and seals. Provide dust sealing as well as superb overall sealability.

DeWAL Precision PTFE & UHMW Film & Tape Products

DeWAL Precision PTFE & UHMW Film & Tape Products

High-Performance Polymer Films & Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

PORON® Performance Urethanes for Consumer Products

PORON® Performance Urethanes for Consumer Products

Cushioning and contouring materials that provide consistent comfort and reliable protection.

Diversified Silicone Products

Diversified Silicone Products

Silicone Sheets, Extrusions, Stripping & Compounds used in a wide range of applications.

PORON® Medical Urethanes

PORON® Medical Urethanes

Medical materials and wound dressings that protect the body by absorbing impact, retaining shape, and hindering infection.

Online Design Tools

Rogers is continually working with designers to develop online tools to help make calculations, material selection and design choices easier. These tools are continually evolving based on feedback and suggestions from design engineers from all over the globe.

Design Tools

PORON® Urethanes Gap Filling Tool

The PORON® Gap Filling Tool will assist in choosing the proper material to meet final gap thickness requirements.

Compression Force Deflection (CFD) Curve Tool

The CFD Curve Tool can help identify PORON® Urethane materials, using stress-strain data, to meet your engineering requirements.

BISCO® Product Properties Guide

Filter BISCO® product information by various criteria (e.g. property groups, individual properties, product category, or units) to find the best BISCO material for your application.

PORON® Product Properties Guide

Filter PORON® product information by various criteria (e.g. property, PORON product family, or units) to find the best PORON material for your application.

Application Design Tool

This innovative online tool suggests the best PORON® Urethane or BISCO® Silicone material for a given impact event.

Impact Prediction Tool

This tool will assist you in identifying the proper PORON® Polyurethane and BISCO® Silicone materials that best meet your design requirements.

PORON® Battery Pad Product Selection Tool

This tool rovides product recommendations based on your unique design requirements, and is intended to be used as a starting point for material selection.

PORON® XRD™ Selection Tool

Find the thinnest, lightest and most protective PORON XRD options for your type of impact.

Vibration Isolation Tool

The Vibration Isolation Efficiency Calculator recommends the proper PORON™ VXT® Polyurethane for your vibration mitigation applications.


Technology innovations are fueling solutions to the toughest challenges. At Rogers, breakthroughs in materials and components are changing the world for the better, making our customers’ products more sustainable, mobile, connected, safe, and reliable.


Technical Sealing Guide

The Sealing Design Guide provides a comparative test-based data study on sealing/gasketing materials while highlighting essential criteria for long-term sealing solutions in many enclosure applications

The Hidden Costs in Product Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Many buyers require a Product Life Cycle Cost Analysis. For foam materials, such an analysis covers cost of the initial new product, assumptions about how far into the future the product will be used, cost of refurbishment, etc.

The Real Cost of a Gasket or Seal is Not Just its Price

From smartphones to rail cars, the cost of a gasket is driven mainly by the selection of the material that will be used for fabrication. Before a final choice is made, it’s important to understand that the cost of a gasket is much more than its price.

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