Electroluminescent (EL) lamps or lighting uses electric current directly through a phosphor to create light. Unlike most lamps, they can be shaped to be extremely flat or in narrow, wire-like shapes. Designers frequently use EL lighting in nightlights, decorative luminescent clothing, watch illumination, flat wall decorative illumination, durable waterproof displays, medical tool display screens and most recently computer monitors and billboards. EL displays can be found in advertising, appliance, automotive, consumer electronics, graphic printing, medical, portable communications, residential and commercial lighting and transportation industries.

EL is a good choice when a simple passive-matrix monochrome display is required with geometrical flexibility and brightness of around 30 ft-L. EL backlights offer uniform illumination of complex shapes, thinness, flexibility, and they are light-weight.

Electroluminescent Solutions

The DUREL family of solutions provides highly powerful and efficient Integrated Circuit (IC) inverter solutions for driving a wide range of EL displays from small, portable applications to large area displays like billboards. The DUREL family of IC Drivers (switch-mode DC to AC) uses proprietary circuit design that delivers low-noise performance for applications that may be sensitive to electrical and audible noise.

Rogers provides DUREL solutions in a variety of packages including MSOP, DFN, QFN, Modules, and CSP, which need minimal external components and board space.

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DUREL® EL Driver ICs

Rogers Corporation leads the industry with DUREL electroluminescent (EL) integrated circuit drivers (ICs). 

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