As a public company, Rogers is committed to a governance structure that is independent, transparent and responsive to the interests of our shareholders.

Independent directors are expected to have the skills and experience to support the company’s strategy and good governance. We also support diversity on our Board of Directors to ensure a healthy representation of different points of view, and 50% of our independent directors are women or people of color.

Rogers actively engages its shareholders and encourages shareholder feedback, which is shared with our Board of Directors. At the 2020 Annual Meeting, Rogers’ shareholders overwhelmingly re-elected all of the directors and confirmed executive compensation. In response to shareholder input, our Board of Directors consolidated and clarified its sustainability oversight in 2020 under the newly-renamed “Nominating, Governance & Sustainability Committee.”

For more information regarding our governance practices and performance, please see our Corporate Governance Guidelines and proxy statements, which are available on our website.

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