Rogers has had a consistent, ongoing commitment to responsible corporate citizenship. We have a culture of respect built on the ethical foundation of our Code of Business Ethics and our commitment to “Results, but Results in the Right Way.”

Our Approach to ESG

The company and our people—globally and locally, through company-wide programs and individual initiatives—have pursued the highest standards of business ethics and stewardship as part of our business operations and strategy. Over the years, we have implemented numerous programs aligned with these goals, including regulatory compliance, employee development and support for our local communities. As a global technology leader in specialty engineered materials, we have placed particular emphasis on Product Responsibility and how our business contributes to the low-carbon economy.

In 2020, we moved to further mature and expand our efforts by developing a more integrated ESG approach.

We consolidated our ESG activities under a newly-formed ESG Reporting Steering Committee, a cross-functional team that includes participants from our Legal, Human Resources, Compliance, Environmental Health and Safety, Investor Relations, Research & Development and Operations functional areas. This Steering Committee is responsible for developing this Report.

We also consolidated the Board’s ESG oversight under the renamed, Nominating, Governance & Sustainability Committee. This committee works closely with management to ensure that the company is properly addressing ESG considerations, including in its overall business strategy, for our stakeholders.

As we move forward on our ESG journey, we intend to regularly evaluate our ESG program and priority topics to ensure we are focused on the areas that are most important to our business and our stakeholders and where we can have the greatest impact.

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