Nearly all of DSP’s wide range of products are available in strip form. These strips can be supplied with or without a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing.

Standard Grades of Solid Silicones

  • Commercial Grade “CG”
  • General Purpose Grade “GP”
  • FDA Grade “FDA”
  • Medium Strength Grade “MS”
  • High Strength Grade “HS”

Non-Standard Grades of Solid Silicones

  • Fluorosilicone Sheeting “FS”
  • Medical Grade “MED”
  • Electrically Conductive “COND”
  • Extreme High Temperature Grade “LT”

Available Grades of Cellular Silicones:

  • Closed Cell Silicone Sponge (Fine or Heavy Fabric Finish Surface)
  • Open Cell Silicone Foam (Smooth Skin Surface)


Elastomeric Material Solutions

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