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Plugging The Leak On A Rear Mount Taillight Gasket


Customer Problem

Water leaks and moisture infiltration were causing damage to different components and parts in pickup trucks. The entry point for the moisture was the rear center high-mount taillights (CHMSL), specifically, failure of the gaskets to seal out water over long periods of time. The moisture infiltration resulted in failing taillights during the warranty period, dissatisfied customers and high costs associated with warranty repairs. The warranty repairs included replacing the CHMSL bulb, but not the gasket. Following the repair, the tail- lights functioned properly, but further water damage took a toll on the cabin headliner (inexpensive part, high labor cost) and rear seats (expensive part, lower labor cost). Moisture infiltrated the gasket because of improper material compression and relaxation properties. Low compression set resistance and high stress relaxation greatly inhibited the gasket’s ability to fill voids and effectively seal out moisture.

The Rogers Solution

The long-term solution for preventing moisture infiltration through the pickup truck’s rear center high-mount taillights involved replacing the original taillight gasket material with Rogers PORON® AquaPro™ enhanced water sealing material. PORON® AquaPro™ material provided the properties needed to stop leaks; high compression set resistance, low stress relaxation, and excellent hydrophobic properties. By minimizing compression set and providing the low stress relaxation need-ed for the material to expand and fill spaces and gaps, the material effectively prevented moisture infiltration through the tail light assemblies. The favorable hydrophobic properties of the PORON® AquaPro™ foam enhanced sealing effectiveness by repelling water to aid in long term sealing.


The PORON® AquaPro™ gasket materials stopped the moisture infiltration and damage to the pickup truck’s rear taillights, cabin headliner, rear seats, and other components. The gasket material contributed to considerable warranty cost savings and significant customer satisfaction.

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