DeWAL Dynaglide PTFE materials are based on PTFE as the primary ingredient. Skived into film, these materials are available both as film or stamped into shapes.


  • Provide sealing capabilities
  • Good chemical and temperature resistance
  • Available in .010 to .064" in thickness
  • Available in .375 to 12" slit widths


  • Self-lubricating
  • Low friction and reduced abrasion properties
  • Used in both bearing and seal applications

Available in the following variations:

Dynaglide DW601 – Glass Filled PTFE bearing and seal material

Dynaglide DW602 – Glass Filled PTFE bearing material

Dynaglide DW602BT – Standard 602 material, 0.010″ thick with PS adhesive

Dynaglide DW612 – Special Graphite filled PTFE

Dynaglide DW631 – All polymeric filled PTFE

Dynaglide DW633 – All polymeric filled PTFE

Dynaglide DW645 – Proprietary low wear filled PTFE

Dynaglide DW646 – Proprietary mineral filled PTFE


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Data Sheet
DeWAL DW601 Dynaglide PTFE Data Sheet English


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