Rogers Corporation in Process of Improving Solid Silicones Product Line to Meet Consumer Safety Standards

Release Date: 10/31/2019

Chandler, Arizona, October 31, 2019 – Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) is pleased to announce the reformulation of its popular BISCO® HT-1200 solid silicones with regard to certain Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) consumer safety standards and certifications, which Rogers is currently in process of obtaining. With obtainment of these standard and certifications underway, the new-and-improved BISCO HT-1200 series will open up new options for designers of consumer and food service equipment, while continuing to provide high temperature resistance, tear strength, and chemical resistance for a wide range of demanding general purpose and industrial applications. 

The FDA has exacting standards about the types of materials that can come in contact with consumables. With the new formulation, all durometers of BISCO HT-1200 series will become compliant with FDA CFR 21 177.2600, ensuring consumer safety in applications where food or consumables are present. 

The new HT-1200 series is currently being evaluated for NSF international certifications designed to meet two different sets of health requirements for materials in contact with food or drinking water. NSF/ANSI Standard 51 (NSF-51) deals with materials and products used in contact with foods and beverages, while Standard 61 (NSF-61) relates to water treatment, outlining stringent requirements for the control of equipment that comes in contact with either potable water or products that support the production of potable water. NSF is internationally recognized, and most food service equipment is NSF certified.

The BISCO HT-1200 series continues to provide robust properties such as low temperature resistance and low compression set at high temperatures. Recommended use temperatures range from -80 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit (-62 to 218 degrees Celsius). Proven durable for environmental extremes, the newly-formulated series will continue to meet the physical and mechanical properties for the US Department of Defense specification (Mil-spec) A-A-59588, a standard that supersedes the ZZ-R-765 specification. The series also meets the SAE-AMS-3301 standard for general-purpose silicone rubber. 

Offered in a portfolio of durometers (40-75 Shore “A hardness), the BISCO HT-1200 series is available in red (standard), white, black, and gray colors. The series comes in a range of thicknesses from 0.31 inches (0.5 mm) to 0.125 inches (3.2 mm), at a standard width of 36 inches (914 mm).

Dan Kubick, Rogers’ Product Manager for BISCO® silicones states, “The re-formulation of our HT-1200 series will open up a wide variety of new applications that require meeting the stringent consumer standards for which we are in the process of obtaining certification. Whether products will be in contact with food/beverages, drinking water, or both, BISCO silicones will now have you covered.”

For more information on BISCO® substrates, visit the BISCO product line page. For more information on the Rogers family of Elastomeric Material Solutions (EMS), visit the EMS business unit page.

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