Success Story

PORON® Material Improves Passenger Comfort


Rogers PORON® 4701-40 Effectively Reduces Noise and Vibration

The Challenge

Noise and vibration are generated when a vehicle’s fuel pump is in operation and when the fuel tank and under body components come in contact. This airborne and structural noise travels to the interior of the vehicle causing passenger discomfort. In an effort to reduce the noise and improve the passenger’s experience, isolator pads are placed in strategic contact areas around the fuel tank.

The isolator pads must reduce the noise generated by the fuel pump and isolate vibration caused by component contact.

The Rogers Solution

PORON® Polyurethanes 4701-40 Soft in various thicknesses with PSA

  • PORON® 4701-40-15315
  • PORON® 4701-40-15250
  • PORON® 4701-40-15188


  • Excellent compression set resistance properties provide long-term cushioning between the fuel tank and floor plan
  • Available in multiple thickness options to accommodate different design configurations
  • Meets Ford/GM/Chrysler automotive specifications, enabling easy adoption by OEMs

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