COOLSPAN TECA is a thermosetting, epoxy based, silver filled adhesive film used in bonding high power circuit boards. COOLSPAN films provide a convenient and reliable approach to bond high power circuit boards, heavy metal back-planes, heat sink coins and RF module housings. This approach overcomes voiding and flow issues that are problematic for sweat soldering and dispensed adhesive approaches. COOLSPAN TECA films can be tack soldered in a fixture, ensuring accurate registration. This is followed by a tooled thermal cure or PCB press cycle.


  • Supplied on PET carrier
  • High bond strength and reliability
  • Thermally robust
  • Chemically resistant


  • Easily converted into pre-forms and easily handled
  • Keeps conductive materials out of stay-out zones
  • Accommodates post attachment processing
  • Provides electrical continuity and heat dissipation to heat sinks
  • Low flow during pressure cure



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