TMM high frequency laminates are ideal for high reliability strip-line and micro-strip applications due to their electrical and mechanical stability. All dielectric variants can be produced as molded, 3-dimensional shapes. Shaped TMM components open up a new range of innovative design solutions for high or low frequency applications requiring controlled dielectric constant with low loss.


  • Wide range of dielectric constants (Dks)
  • Excellent mechanical properties, resists creep and cold flow
  • Exceptionally low thermal coefficient of Dk
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion matched to copper allowing for high reliability of plated through-holes
  • Available copper clad in larger formats, allowing the use of standard PCB subtractive processes
  • Resistant to process chemicals, no damage to material during fabrication and assembly processes
  • Thermoset resin for reliable wire bonding
  • No specialized production techniques required
  • TMM 10 and 10i laminates can replace alumina substrates
  • RoHS compliant, environment friendly
  • Third party metallization available


TMM® 10 Laminates

  • Dk of 9.20 +/- 0.230
  • Dielectric constant thermal coefficient of -38 (typical)

TMM® 10i Laminates

  • Isotropic Dk of 9.80 +/- 0.245
  • Dielectric constant thermal coefficient of -43 (estimate)

TMM® 13i Laminates

  • Isotropic dielectric constant of 12.85 (+/- 0.350)

TMM® 3 Laminates

  • Dk of 3.27 (+/- 0.032)
  • Dielectric constant thermal coefficient of +37 (typical)

TMM® 4 Laminates

  • Dk of 4.50 +/- 0.045
  • Dielectric constant thermal coefficient of +15 (typical)

TMM® 6 Laminates

  • Dk of 6.00 +/- 0.080
  • Dielectric constant thermal coefficient of -11 (typical)


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