MAGTREX 555 materials are constructed from a proprietary, low loss, high resistivity ceramic filler and a high temperature thermoplastic matrix. This yields a system which is conformable, through hole via capable, and mechanically and electrically stable. These laminates feature a closely matched X/Y axis permeability and permittivity of 6 and 6.5, respectively, along with low magnetic and dielectric loss below 500 MHz. MAGTREX 555 high impedance laminates feature a low X, Y, Z CTE closely matched to copper for thermal reliability and are available in thicknesses from 40 to 260 mils. They are offered with or without copper cladding.


  • Matched permeability and permittivity
  • High miniaturization factor
  • PTFE composite laminate
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Low dielectric and magnetic loss below 500MHz


  • Substrate impedance matched to air
  • Antenna miniaturization with improved bandwidth
  • Flexible and conformable
  • Environmentally stable electrical performance
  • High antenna efficiency


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Data Sheet
MAGTREX® 555 High Impedance Laminates Data Sheet English
Magtrex® 555 - PSIS English


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