Mobile networks (3G and 4G LTE) use various kinds of antenna technologies to create that link between mobile user and fixed base station. As RF antenna design evolves to address higher demands, think 5G capacity, single band pole mounted passive antennas are making way to more complex multi-band and wide band antennas. High-performance antennas are critical to the operation of both fixed and mobile wireless communications systems and IoT (Internet of Things). Because of evolving system requirements, these printed-circuit antennas must be low loss and provide high gain at microwave frequencies. The choice of circuit board materials for effective antenna designs is critical.

MIMO Antenna Design

With the emergence of more sophisticated antenna technologies like semi-active and active antenna arrays, MIMO antenna design is addressing implementations aimed at increasing base station capacity. Next is the development of massive MIMO antenna technologies for use in 5G and millimeter wave frequencies. Rogers’ low PIM materials enable the development and design of these antennas, meeting demanding specifications.

Partnering with the Right Antenna Material Supplier

For any designer considering PCB materials for antenna and radar applications, knowing how a circuit material’s parameters translate into thermal behavior and RF/microwave performance simplifies the selection process.

Rogers’ unique portfolio of antenna-grade circuit laminates meets the challenges faced by antenna designers. Many antennas must be designed and fabricated for minimum passive intermodulation (PIM) levels for maximum effectiveness in today’s crowded signal environments. Engineered for high reliability and consistent performance with low PIM, Rogers’ material solutions offer dielectric products for antennas, feed networks, phased arrays and radiating elements.

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