Radix Printable Dielectric materials are a ceramic-filled, UV-curable polymer designed for use with photopolymer 3D-printing processes like sterolithography (SLA) and digital light processing (DLP) printing. These materials and printing processes enable the use of high-resolution, scalable 3D-printing for complex RF dielectric components such as gradient index (GRIN) lenses or three-dimensional circuits. The 2.8Dk printable dielectric is designed to have low loss characteristics through millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies and low moisture absorption for end-use applications. The materials are also available directly from our 3D-printing processing partners.


  • Lowest loss UV-curable material at 24GHz for 3D printing
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Feature size capability down to 225um
  • Rigid mechanical properties for finely featured parts


  • Enables new designs that cannot be made with traditional fabrication processes
  • Enables volumetric/3D circuits
  • Use of gradient index (GRIN) designs in a one-material system
  • Utilizes a scalable, high-resolution 3D-printing process, enabling end-use manufacturing of complex and finely featured dielectric parts


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Data Sheet
Radix 2.8Dk Printable Dielectric Data Sheet English


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