Freedom to Move – Technology to Protect

Designers of protective equipment and apparel, safety footwear and other gear choose XRD Impact to incorporate adaptive, wearable impact protection into product designs.


  • Absorbs up to 90% of impact force by forming a comfortable protective shell repeatedly, impact after impact (as measured by ASTM F1614)
  • Enables low profile, lightweight and flexible designs with our streamlined, engineered protection
  • Flexible technology contours against the body for a comfortable, customized fit that hardens into a tough shell upon exposure to impact energy
  • Allows ease of motion and air flow throughout activity


XRD® Flexoskeleton

  • Unique construction offers flexibility, protection and durability
  • Recommended for joints and areas with mobility such as the knee, elbow, torso and hands

XRD® Met Guard

  • Flexible and comfortable top of foot protection in safety footwear
  • Designed to meet global safety footwear standards

XRD® PR Met Guard

  • Adds a puncture-resistant feature to the original XRD Met Guard for superior top of foot impact protection
  • Lightweight and flexible in a low-profile design

XRD® Technology

  • Broad design versatility with a variety of density/thickness combinations
  • Superior impact protection that can be die-cut and/or skived into ideal shape


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