RF subsystems used in communications systems include power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers and digital communications control circuitry. Rogers’ innovative materials enable advances in RF and microwave technology and optimize the performance of microwave communications systems. For advanced microwave applications, high-frequency laminates offer more than just low loss; they provide very well-controlled dielectric constant. In many RF subsystem applications, the control of dielectric constant for the material can be as critical as substrate thickness control. When dielectric constant control is a critical concern, high-frequency materials outperform FR-4 materials.

Power Amplifiers

Rogers has long been the industry leader in providing materials for RF and advanced microwave power amplifiers. Literally millions of power amplifiers designed on Rogers’ laminates have been operating in the field reliably year after year. Low loss, high thermal conductivity, stability over temperature and excellent long term aging characteristics under heat provide the efficiency and maximum power output possible.

Low Noise Amplifiers and Receivers

Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) need to operate efficiently across a wide range of challenging environmental conditions. Rogers’ low loss, thermally stable RF materials help to achieve optimal performance in demanding environments.

Digital Communications Control Circuitry

For advanced microwave communications systems, precision circuitry is required to maintain the integrity of high-speed signals. Rogers’ extremely low loss materials support faster switching, higher data rates and lower crosstalk. Low dielectric constant, low loss tangent composites and low conductor loss rolled copper enable technology performance up to 100 Gbps. Rogers’ composites are designed for skew reduction through the use of both flat glass and relatively lower fiberglass content.

Related Products

AD Series® Laminates

Rogers AD Series PTFE or woven glass based laminates are designed for use in high frequency PCB materials.

CLTE Series® Laminates

Rogers Corporation’s CLTE Series® products are PTFE, woven-glass, microdispersed ceramic composite laminates with low CTE values ideal for high reliability.


COOLSPAN® Thermally and Electrically Conductive Adhesive (TECA) is a thermosetting, epoxy based, silver filled adhesive film used in bonding high power circuit boards.

CuClad® Series

Rogers Corporation’s CuClad® laminates are woven fiberglass reinforced PTFE based composites for use as PCB substrates and radomes in high frequency applications.

DiClad® Series Laminates

Rogers Corporation’s DiClad® laminates are fiberglass reinforced PTFE based composites for use as printed circuit board substrates in high frequency applications.

IM Series™ Laminates

Rogers Corporation’s IM Series™ laminates extend the capabilities of the successful AD300D™, AD255C™ and DiClad® 880 product grades.

IsoClad® Series Laminates

IsoClad® laminates are non-woven fiberglass reinforced PTFE based composites for use as printed circuit board substrates.

Radix™ Printable Dielectric

Radix Printable Dielectric material is the first UV-curable 3D printing resin designed for RF applications.

RO3000® Series

RO3000® high frequency circuit materials are ceramic-filled PTFE composites intended for use in commercial microwave and RF applications.

RO4000® Series

RO4000® hydrocarbon ceramic laminates and prepregs are the industry leader.

RT/duroid® Laminates

RT/duroid® high frequency circuit materials are filled PTFE (random glass or ceramic) composite laminates for use in high reliability, aerospace and defense applications.

TC Series® Laminates

Rogers Corporation’s TC Series® laminates are PTFE, woven fiberglass and high thermal conductivity ceramic filled materials that provide improved PBC thermal management for applications requiring high power RF signals.

TMM® Laminates

Rogers TMM® thermoset microwave laminates combine low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant, a copper matched coefficient of thermal expansion and dielectric constant uniformity.

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