The need for efficiency, safety and performance in today’s increasingly sophisticated high current and voltage applications requires power converters and inverters that can withstand heat without losing power. Whether you are converting the voltage of an electric device from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) or using inverters to convert DC to AC, electrical and thermal efficiency is critical. At the heart of these applications, Advanced Electronics Solutions from Rogers play a major role in increasing the efficiency, performance and reliability of IGBT and MOSFET connections.

IGBT Connections

Insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) offer high input impedance, making them popular in DC and AC motor drives, UPS systems, power supplies and renewable energy (PV and wind). They have lower gate drive requirements and lower switching losses, making them more efficient at smaller sizes and lower costs. IGBT connections are often the first choice for high current and high voltage applications. IGBT manufacturers must balance tradeoffs between switching speed, conduction loss, and ruggedness so the devices provide higher frequency and higher efficiency.

MOSFET Connections

Power MOSFETs are extremely fast and the high switching speed yields low switching loss. They require very little gate drive power because of the insulated gate. In these respects, power MOSFET connections are often seen as the ideal switch. They can be found in most power supplies, DC-DC converters, and low voltage motor controllers. Super junction MOSFETs are increasingly being used in to increase the efficiency and reduce the size of power supplies.

Ceramic substrates and busbars play a major role in MOSFETs and IGBTs by boosting performance, minimizing power losses, and optimizing thermal management. Within these power module, power substrates provide interconnections and cool components. Highly reliable curamik® ceramic substrates from Rogers play a key role, being designed to carry higher currents, provide higher voltage isolation and operate over a wide temperature range. The high heat conductivity, along with the high heat capacity and thermal spreading of the thick copper cladding, makes curamik substrates ideal for challenging IGBT and MOSFET connections.

RO-LINX® busbars provide power distribution between the power source and IGBTs/MOSFETs or complete modules. These flat, compact, laminated multilayer busbars are the perfect solution for an efficient and cool-running operation. They feature low inductance, controlled partial discharge, high current capabilities and compactness.

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