Current laser systems are based on laser diodes, also known as semiconductor lasers. Initially developed for fiber optic communications in the 1970s, the optical characteristics, small size and ruggedness of diode lasers have encouraged a plethora of new uses, including spectroscopy, dermatology and industrial material processing.

High performance laser diode bars require special packaging to manage heat. The most efficient method of cooling is copper heat exchangers with small water channels, called microchannel coolers (MCC). This approach minimizes the distance between the heat source and the coolant, maximizing cooling efficiency. The use of MCCs demands a more complex cooling system than traditional air- and water-cooled packages because the electrical current and the cooling fluid must coexist within the cooler. Without proper design, corrosion and erosion can shorten the lifetime of the device.

Rogers offers two kinds of cooling solutions for laser diodes – coolers for liquid or passive cooling.

Laser Diode Liquid Cooling

Our curamik® liquid coolers have a micro or macro channel structure made of thin copper foils that are enclosed in a hermetically tight block. Thermal resistance, pressure drop and flow rate are determined by the channel structure with the coolant entering and exiting through openings connected with o-rings or screw fittings.

Laser Diode Passive Cooling

The curamik® CoolEasy is a high precision machined copper cooler for passive laser diode cooling, for use as CS-Mount for conductive cooling of laser diode bars. The top and front surface of the cooler can be diamond-milled to meet the exacting needs of flatness of laser diodes. Applications for these coolers are diode pumped laser modules or direct diode lasers for industrial, medical and research applications.

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