Modern high-speed document and paper handling machines require high performance paper separation and pick. Mis-feeds, multi-feeds, paper jams or poor registration are unacceptable. Maintaining consistent feed rates through document-handling mechanisms requires highly consistent document rollers. Rogers is the first choice for industries that require extremely precise document rolling and paper handling. Rogers ENDUR® Document Rollers are custom made to meet unique customer specifications in printers, copiers, scanners, check processing, currency processing and for the imaging, banking and postal industries. Our extensive portfolio of materials and fabrication capabilities means that we can provide custom elastomer components for a wide variety of industries and applications.

ENDUR® Solid Elastomers are formulated from base polymers which can include polyisoprene, silicone, thermoplastic elastomers, EPDM and solid urethane. From this polymer base, Rogers develops compounds specifically for document handling and electro-photographic imaging. This enables us to offer a broad range of physical properties from low to medium hardness, with unique surface characteristics, and the desired life properties. These solid materials have all been compounded for controlled wear, giving longer functional life, good storage characteristics and resistance to contamination. From high-speed check sorters to low-speed personal printers, they perform consistently. Plus, they offer chemical resistance and extended operation in the midst of extreme temperatures and humidity.

ENDUR® polyisoprene formulations offer high resilience and good tensile and tear properties, making them excellent for high-speed belt applications. Available in a durometer range of 35 to 55 Shore A with high coefficients of friction (COF), they may be injection, transfer, or compression molded to accommodate special geometric designs, including radial and axial grooves, drive teeth and other design needs

ENDUR®-C foams can be molded into custom shapes and sizes designed for specific rollers and belts for document handling and other industrial applications. ENDUR®-C Urethanes are high-performance microcellular urethane, moldable foams. Compared to other urethane foams, ENDUR-C materials are composed of much smaller, more uniform cells. ENDUR-C Urethanes exhibit excellent compression set resistance and good energy absorption, giving components made with ENDUR-C long-lasting, consistent performance in many applications. Its energy absorption characteristics are useful in molded components designed to protect against shock and vibration.

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ENDUR® Elastomer Components are molded elastomeric products for use as document rollers.

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