Our curamik CoolEasy offers superior heat dissipation without the maintenance or cost of liquid cooling. curamik CoolEasy is a high precision machined copper cooler and is highly customizable. It is recommended for use in diode pumped laser modules or direct diode lasers for industrial, medical and research applications.


  • High precision machined copper cooler
  • Used as CS-Mount for conductive cooling
  • Used with high power laser diodes in the range of 20 to 80 W


  • Ideal for effective passive cooling without the cost or maintenance of liquid cooling
  • Top and front surfaces can be diamond-milled to meet exact flatness needs
  • Machined threads and through-holes can be integrated based on specifications


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Product Information
curamik Cooling Solutions Product Information English
curamik® 散热解决方案产品信息 中文


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