Our curamik CoolPerformance and curamik CoolPerformance Plus are cutting edge copper coolers for laser diode cooling. They consist of several layers of pure copper with very fine structures which create micro- or macro-channel cooling structures. curamik CoolPerformance Plus coolers contain additional Aluminum Nitride (AIN) layers which provide enhanced electrical isolation. These coolers are ideal for use with high power laser diodes.

curamik CoolPerformance Features

  • Several layers of pure copper create three-dimensional micro-or macro-channel structures
  • Capable of cooling laser diode bars up to 5mm in cavity length
  • Hermetically sealed during curamik bonding process
  • Compatible with high power laser diodes in the 20-100W range

curamik CoolPerformance Plus Features - All of the above, plus these additional features

  • Contain AIN isolation layers to separate the laser diode from the cooling medium
  • Reduced CTE value to 6-7ppm/K.

curamik CoolPerformance and curamik CoolPerformance Plus Benefits

  • curamik bonding process avoids the need for additional soldering or adhesive layers that negatively impact thermal resistance
  • Surfaces are capable of being diamond-milled and customized to meet precise needs of flatness



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