Roger Corporation’s innovation leadership is driven by a strong focus on research and development. As technology moves towards products that are smaller, faster, more reliable and more efficient, Rogers continues to invest in innovative technologies.

Advanced Electronics Solutions is committed to the highest standards of reliability and performance while pursuing continuous innovation in material technologies. Our curamik® ceramic substrates are designed to carry higher currents, provide higher voltage isolation and operate over a wide temperature range. ROLINX® busbars serve as power distribution highways that connect power sources with capacitors, integrated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) or complete modules.

Our high level of expertise derives from extensive experience working with high performance raw materials, including ceramics and copper. This had led to early identification of product and process development. These innovations include creation of new raw materials such as Si3N4 for higher thermal conductivity product lines and new material processes such as Active Metal Brazing (AMB). Currently, over 250 patents are in our power electronics portfolio.

Find out about our patented technology that’s at work in our innovative designs:


Advanced Electronics Solutions

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