All materials and material combinations incorporated in Advanced Electronics Solutions products are thoroughly tested both on lab scale and full-scale applications. Methods include:

Material Based Testing

  • Peel testing: Adhesion insulation films to various substrates
  • SAFT testing: Shear strength using adhesive systems
  • Cleavage testing: Resistance against short circuit forces full multi-layer structures
  • Tensile testing: Characterization of film material
  • Bend testing: Behavior during and after bending
  • Specific material testing: Additional testing for specific material groups

Electrical Testing

  • High Voltage testing: Electrical integrity at elevated voltages
  • Partial Discharge testing: Long-term electrical integrity at operating voltages
  • Inductivity/capacitance/resistance testing: Electrical characteristics full-scale sample
  • Contact resistance measurements: Ensuring optimal electrical contacts
  • Static self-heating testing: Thermal behavior at operating currents
  • Specific electrical tests: Additional testing for specific electrical characteristics


Advanced Electronics Solutions

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