Propulsion systems for rail, shipping or heavy equipment require high power capabilities. High current and high voltage, in combination with extreme environmental conditions, create challenges for optimizing power distribution. Operational continuity is essential for propulsion engines and electric power systems. Any defect, failure or system shutdown can have severe consequences on traction systems and result in a high financial impact. Therefore, high quality standards and enhanced reliability are the main focus during system development.

Rogers’ Advanced Electronics Solutions bring unique advantages at the board level and for power distribution. At the board level, our curamik® ceramic substrates help address the removal of heat while enabling higher currents. For power distribution, Rogers’ ROLINX® busbars serve as highways for propulsion systems. A properly engineered laminated busbar provides the lowest overall system inductance and the most balanced and distributed capacitance, making it the perfect match for the high demands of the propulsion engines. Our laminated busbars provide a customized liaison between the power source and capacitors, integrated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) or complete modules, while increasing efficiency and reliability of the systems.

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