Data center technology continues to evolve and busbars are solving the challenge of designing routers, switches and data servers that can deliver on increasing power demands while providing long term functionality, signal integrity, and thermal conductivity. Data centers require a continuous power supply and operators must be able to perform retrofits and upgrades without interrupting operations. Preventing thermal and voltage fluctuations is critical for high performance servers and data storage systems.

Busbar solutions from Rogers bring the benefits of reliability, efficiency, scalability and cost reduction while providing data centers with high current capabilities and a cool-running operation.

Busbar Solutions from Rogers

ROLINX® busbars serve as power distribution paths for data servers and peripherals. These laminated busbars provide a customized liaison between the power source and capacitors, integrated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) or complete modules. ROLINX® busbars meet the most stringent requirements for routers, switches and data servers. These flat, compact, laminated multilayer busbars are the perfect solution for an efficient and cool-running operation.

For routers, switches and data servers, the low profile of ROLINX® laminated busbars provides computer equipment designers with the ultimate package efficiency and consistent quality needed. A well-engineered power distribution system utilizing laminated busbars may also include thermal management, with the busbar acting as a heat sink. Form-fitting busbar designs can help increase the air flow within a system where space is at a premium. Busbars also offer lower inductance and lower impedance. Multilayer busbars offer a structural integrity that wiring methods cannot match, offering unique benefits to mechanical design.


With the fluctuating demand and constant changes experienced by data centers, electrical designs can become quickly outdated. To reduce costs and delays when making changes, scalability is vital for data centers to adapt and expand easily as required. Busbar systems enable power supplies to be easily added or changed out without shutting down operations. Busbars provide a sustainable solution for data centers that require adaptability.

Cost Reduction and Enhanced Reliability

Data center management is more expensive than ever with increasing energy costs and the demand for continuous service. Busbar power can reduce system costs, improve reliability, increase capacitance and eliminate wiring errors.

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