Thermoelectric power generation (TEG) represents one of the cleanest methods of energy conversion available today, but it still has challenges. Thermoelectric generators, or Seebeck generators, are active heat pumps. They are compact, solid state devices that can be used to cool components below ambient temperature, a task not possible using conventional cooling or even heat pipes. Unlike heat engines, the solid state electrical components typically used to perform thermal to electric energy conversion have no moving parts. The thermal to electric energy conversion uses components that require no maintenance, have inherently high reliability and can be used to construct generators with long service-free lifetimes. These generators are often used for low power remote applications or where bulkier but more efficient heat engines would not be possible.

The biggest challenges with these semiconductor elements are their high power usage and high power dissipation. Ceramic substrates and busbars play a major role in Seebeck generators and Peltier elements by boosting performance, minimizing power losses and optimizing thermal management.

Improving Thermoelectric Semiconductor Efficiency

Helping overcome semiconductor element challenges within the IGBT and MOSFET power modules, power substrates from Rogers provide reliable interconnections and cool components. Our curamik® ceramic substrates carry higher currents while providing superior voltage isolation over a wide range of temperatures.

Enabling Thermoelectric Power Distribution

For distribution of power from components within these generators, ROLINX® busbars are an ideal solution. Our laminated multilayer busbars provide a customized liaison between the power source and capacitors, integrated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), or complete modules.

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