Enclosures can often be vulnerable to environmental hazards that can negatively impact performance, reliability and life expectancy of the sensitive electronics enclosed. For today’s electronics to function reliably in the field, sealed enclosures require venting to reduce heat, protect against environmental elements and optimize the balance between air flow and water entry pressure.

DeWAL® V-Series venting membranes are engineered to vent and protect a wide range of critical enclosure applications. These venting membranes leverage the unique properties of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) to enhance heat and air ventilation while protecting sophisticated electronics sealed in automotive, electrical, telecommunications and lighting enclosures.

Capitalizing on the unique microstructure of expanded PTFE, along with its exceptional chemical resistance, low co-efficient of friction and hydrophobic nature, DeWAL V-Series venting membranes allow continuous pressure equalization while maintaining an environmental seal. The unique membranes enable gas molecules and vapors to pass through them easily while ensuring that liquid and other contaminates are repelled. These features help prevent vents from clogging, putting less stress on the seal and improving the long-term reliability of enclosures. The semi-permeable membranes allow air to equalize while sealing out water and protecting enclosures from dirt, dust and debris.

Offered in four standard grades of rolled goods to be converted into finished vents, the V-Series was developed specifically to address the challenges of enclosure vents. The unique venting membrane series is available in an expanded PTFE-only option along with ePTFE laminated to nonwoven polyester or porous ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) polyethylene in two thicknesses. With enhanced mechanical stability, the laminated options can improve ease of handling and adhesive application during the traditional rotary or steel rule die-cutting and converting process.

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