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Future Day: Students Exploring Careers

As a global company, Rogers Corporation sponsors a variety of regional events from around the world. One of these is known as Future Day, an annual event composed of Boys’ Day and Girls’ Day. This event in Germany introduces young girls and boys to occupations in which there are few male or female trainees. In fact, Girls’ Day is an opportunity for technical companies to open their doors to female students in an effort to encourage exploration of careers in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.Students explore Engineering Careers

Future Day

Rogers Germany Participates in Future Day

Our Rogers Germany location in Eschenbach participates in this event annually. For 2018, five grade-nine students spent the day in our internal apprentice training center. Here, the participants gained insight into various technical and engineering jobs. Current apprentices led the efforts, introducing the group to the soldering iron and techniques in engraving various metals and materials. The group was even able to interact with a robot, learning how it is programmed and assists engineers on their projects.

International Women in Engineering Day

Future Day Engineering

Though Future Day took place at the end of April, June 23 is International Women in Engineering Day 2018 #INWED18. The event, put on by the Women’s Engineering Society, aims to bring awareness to exciting career opportunities available to girls in areas currently seen as predominantly male fields. To supplement this, the organizers of #INWED18 partner with The Telegraph to identify the Top 50 women in engineering and tell their stories. Read all of the 2017 winners’ stories, and a few from 2018, here.

Contributing to Workplace Diversity

In keeping with the International Women in Engineering Day theme of #raisingthebar, participating in events like Future Day is part of how Rogers is striving towards diversity in engineering. As technology progresses, the need for talent in the STEM fields continues to grow. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2017 only 14% of those employed in the Engineering field are women, a trend that is similar globally. By annually fostering a relationship with high schools and reaching out to students for Future Day, we can help develop the engineers of the future employee pool.

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Thanks for the informative article, it was interesting to read how students start their path in engineering, mathematics, science. I myself work as an engineer at the engineering marketplace and I think that such events will give an incentive to study and learn something new in this area and will give a fuse to study. It is exciting how young minds make discoveries in these areas!
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Published on Jun 22, 2018

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