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Global Innovation Partnerships

Design collaboration and innovation is in our DNA.

At Rogers, we innovate to design a brighter and more sustainable future by creating a cleaner, safer and more connected world. Our innovative material solutions enable breakthroughs in clean technology, advanced connectivity, eMobility and more — but it’s our people that set us apart.

Our global teams enable innovations across the world, providing a range of services, from R&D and material engineering, to design engineering and product development.

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Rogers’ innovation space expands far beyond the reaches of our laboratories – we are collaborating with technology leaders across the globe. Our R&D teams partner with leading research universities, peer companies, start-ups and OEMs to accelerate breakthrough innovations in advanced materials.

Rogers’ innovation teams solve material challenges for new and emerging applications, including Advanced Mobility and Advanced Connectivity, such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), electric and hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEV), 5G infrastructure and many others.

From ideation to product incubation and development, we establish partnerships at the intersection of research, technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

University Partnerships

We are proud to partner with leading research universities across the globe to accelerate commercialization of new material solutions in a regional context.

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Creating relationships with universities and commercial partners in the Western region of the US through our Chandler, AZ Innovation Center.

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Our Innovation Center in Burlington, MA partners with Northeastern University and other regional universities to drive strategic platform development.

Rogers Corporation operates three Innovation Centers spanning the globe, with locations in the US and China. These hubs of innovation leverage shared expertise and foster open collaboration between industry and academia.

Inspired to Innovate - Suzhou

Our Innovation Center in Suzhou, China partners with Chinese universities and peer companies.

Working closely with research scientists complements our own expertise in advanced materials. The Centers connect R&D and marketing teams with university researchers and students. Our partnerships also provide educational opportunities through student research co-ops, sponsored R&D programs, and other industry-classroom initiatives. For example, our research team in Eschenbach, Germany is fostering use-inspired research with leading European universities and technology partners.

Our global collalborations with research universities provide unique opportunities for symbiosis, collaboration, and the cross-pollination of ideas. Together, we are co-creating solutions to power, protect, connect our world.

Learn more about Rogers’ Innovation Centers.

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Published on Feb 13, 2018

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