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Every Day Acts of Green

In honor of Earth Day 2018, Rogers Corporation is proud to host the Everyday Acts of Green Contest. For this contest, we are asking you to share the acts of green that are incorporated into your everyday lives. In return, Rogers will be making a donation to an environmental organization.

What exactly are acts of green?

Anything you do that works to preserve the environment and help protect our planet’s air, water, land, wildlife, and ecosystems.

Every Day Acts of Green - Submit a Photo

  1. The harvest from your home garden.
  2. Your recycling center at home or at work.
  3. Energy-saving devices at home or at work.
  4. Your favorite beach or park that you help keep clean.

The Earth Day movement focuses on helping create a cleaner and more sustainable environment in acts of all sizes. Whether at home, work, school, or in the community, every act helps contribute to a greener tomorrow.

How to Participate

  1. Take some pictures. You’re out there making the world a better place, show us how you do it!
  2. Enter your photo to the contest landing page by 5:00 PM EST, April 22, 2018
  3. Share and ask your friends to vote. The photo with the most votes wins!

For each photo submitted, $10 will be donated to one of the following environmental organizations, as selected by the winner:*

Thank you for helping us raise awareness on the importance of protecting our environment. We look forward to seeing your photos and celebrating #EarthDay2018 together.

*Up to $1,000, winner selected by amount of votes.

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Published on Apr 06, 2018

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