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We are proud to offer our customers a world class web experience with the launch of our brand new redesigned website

New Homepage

New Mobile Optimized

Our goal for the launch of the website is to create an enhanced and streamlined user experience, in every aspect. First, this is seen with the updated clean look and feel of the site. But better graphics and visual improvements are just the start.

New Applications

We also implemented an industry leading Content Management System or CMS Platform– Sitecore. This CMS platform enables us to better organize information for easy access. Now, users can see all of our product lines with just one click, view all the exciting markets we participate in and our product applications, and even easily search and access important documents.

New Widgets

New Search

We’ve also made it easier for customers to determine which Rogers’ materials meet their needs with quick access to the Support hubs and all related Product Selection Tools available on each product page. Once a customer is ready to reach out, whether to request a sample or contact customer service, Support is always just one click away.

Visit the new today!

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Published on Oct 15, 2019

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