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Welcome 2020! Throughout the year, our local offices and manufacturing plants organize charitable giving activities for teams, in addition to individual employee contributions. During the holidays, employees participate in annual end-of-the-year charitable activities benefiting their local communities. Though the end of 2019 seemed to pass by quickly, global Rogers Corporation employees found time to maintain this tradition.


Rogers’ Arizona locations happily participated in the fourteenth consecutive year of the “Be a Santa to a Senior” program. The program is coordinated through Home Instead in-home care, who partners with area agencies to reach out to local solitary elders during the holiday season and assemble gift wish lists. Arizona Rogers employees then “adopt” these seniors, purchase items and wrap their gifts for delivery.

Rogers Volunteers Delivering Gifts Collection of Gifts Donated - Arizona

Rogers colleagues adopted 50 senior citizens, donating to them gifts from their individual wish lists, small necessity items like socks, lotion and blankets, as well as cash. Then, two full vehicles were unloaded to the Home Instead offices, spreading Christmas cheer to the “adopted” seniors.


The employees at our Carol Stream facility contributed in a similar way. Rogers employees partnered with Saint Mary of Gostyn Church and Saint Vincent DePaul to provide holiday happiness for two large families, fifteen people in total. Employees could pick a star from the tree corresponding to an item needed or gift requested by the family.

The gifts were organized around the tree at the Carol Stream holiday luncheon before being packed up and delivered to the church the following morning. In addition to the generous showing of gifts, over $350 in grocery store gift cards were collected for the families.


Christmas Cards - BelgiumRogers Belgium employees again participated in the “Music for Life” campaign, a nationwide charity that takes place during the week before Christmas, also known as The Warmest Week. Employees sold items, including cake, soup, hotdogs, flowers and Christmas cards, to garner a sizable donation which was then matched by Rogers. This contribution totaled over 2500€ and was donated to two local organizations that support our own employees:

  1. Tendries, a safe haven for children with motor skill restrictions
  2. Tanderius an organization supporting families with children with autistic spectrum disorder


As a fun way to collect money, manufacturing leaders in Rogers Germany have a cash box in which they chip in and save money for an annual donation. The leaders then collectively decide which good cause will receive the donation. To encourage additional funds for the box, and to improve punctuality of production meetings, these leaders introduced a new fun “rule.” This rule suggested that late participants must donate 1€ to the fund for each minute they were late meetings.

It is unclear whether punctuality for production meetings had actually improved or whether the participants were late on purpose to boost the donation, but either way this was a great cause for being late. The 250€ raised was then donated to the Children’s Cancer Aid of Oberpfalz, a non-profit organization that supports the families of children suffering from cancer.


For the fifth consecutive year, Rogers employees in Suzhou, China proudly supported the Dongran Migrant School of students from rural areas. In conjunction with a consulting company, the Rogers team brought a helpful psychological workshop to the schoolteachers. The workshop focused on emotional management, teaching instructors why, what and how to make their life better through emotion. The teachers were also given gifts of winter, a meaningful offering demonstrates Rogers’ caring to the community.

Dongran Migrant School Workshop Participants

Keep On Giving

It is wonderful to share these stories annually, but we also want to recognize the donations of money and time that Rogers employees participate in all year long. We are proud to support the generous and goodhearted employees at Rogers and the causes to which they dedicate their caring and kindness. As we welcome the new decade, we will continue to keep on giving to the communities we work in and the outstanding organizations that help us help others.

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Published on Jan 21, 2020

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