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Consumer behaviors are shifting when it comes to making purchasing decisions. While price point or design used to be the primary factors influencing a person’s decision to buy footwear, increasingly we are seeing more emphasis on durability and environmental impact—particularly among younger consumers. 

Sustainable MaterialsWhile leading with a sustainability message presents a great brand marketing opportunity for some footwear manufacturers, many “green” initiatives being promoted to date have focused on using a cushioning material that is recycled. The companies behind these efforts may have good intentions, but the reality is that using recycled materials isn’t always the best approach to sustainability. For example, in some instances the resources and processes required to recycle materials could actually have a more damaging impact on the earth than manufacturing completely new ones.

At Rogers, the team has taken a very conscientious approach to developing materials for the comfort footwear market, with a focus on sustainability throughout all aspects of our production, supply chain, product offering and more. But we know that choosing the right sustainable materials partner can be complicated, especially with so many different definitions of, and approaches to, sustainability. Here are four factors to consider before sourcing an environmentally responsible material solution to meet your specific comfort footwear needs:

  • Manufacturing locale: Is the material produced locally, meaning is it manufactured where the customer needs the product?
  • Endurance: Are the materials designed and manufactured for sustainability/longevity?
  • Compliance: Does the material supplier have the right certifications in their factories?
  • Permanence: Are the designs built for “recrafting?” That is, do the outsoles require replacement?

Our partners rely on us every day to deliver on our promise to produce the highest quality, longest lasting solutions while minimizing our environmental footprint. Our commitment to that mission remains unwavering. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, please visit our web page on protecting the environment.

Published on Jun 17, 2020

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