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The DeWAL® Product Properties Guide is a new addition to Rogers’ library of tools designed to help customers research and select the right products for their needs. Since its launch, this unique tool has streamlined DeWAL customers’ approach to searching, filtering and sorting product specifications, and it has quickly become the go-to resource for generating accurate data sheets on the spot without the need for complicated searching.

Rogers Web and product teams were tasked with creating a simple way for customers to access hundreds of product specifications and download data sheets via a tool that was both easy to use and easy to manage. After months of cross-functional collaboration, the teams released the web-based tool that modernized sharing data and product information.

The tool works by utilizing advanced features to allow users to sort, filter and search for specific products based on category, group, property and more.

Those familiar with other Rogers tools will notice the similarities to guides for ARLON®, BISCO® and PORON® products. However, the tool’s customized fields and functionality were designed to best showcase DeWAL products to offer a better user experience.

DeWAL Product Properties Guide search menu options

A key feature of the tool comes in its ability to generate data sheets automatically based on the filters applied and the product selected. Before the tool, users were limited to searches for DeWAL data sheets based on product name or product type alone, and customers relied on the Rogers Sales team for assistance accessing more complex data.

Emma Schram, Product Specialist and project lead for the DeWAL Product Properties Guide, said the Sales team now uses the dynamic features of the tool to easily drill down products based on customer needs in one simple database.

“It has been a timesaver to both customers and the Sales team, because now customers can come to Sales with more information on what they are looking for based on what they have found using the tool.”

By collaborating with the Rogers Web team to build the tool on, Emma and the DeWAL team were able to customize it to meet customers’ needs. One benefit of the tool is that it eliminates the need for a one person to edit and reupload PDF data sheets to the website when small adjustments need to be made.

“Any time I make a change to the data fields or the literature, the tool will automatically update, so users can be confident they are looking at the most recent, up-to-date data,” Schram said. “It saves our team loads of time.”

According to Senior Web Developer Mike Brodeur, when Rogers teams collaborate to develop new tools, the entire organization benefits.

“For each web tool we build or update, we learn new things about what works and what customers are asking for,” Brodeur said.

Through the process of creating and improving tools such as the DeWAL Product Properties Guide, the Web team can implement new ideas and apply enhancements to other tools throughout the site.

“This kind of collaboration between product teams and our Web team has been a continuously evolving process that elevates all of our tools over time,” Brodeur said.

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Published on Mar 31, 2023

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