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On March 30, leaders from Rogers Corporation gathered at the New York Stock Exchange to ring the Closing Bell® in commemoration of the 2023 Investor and Analyst Day.

Video courtesy of the NYSE

At the event, Rogers leadership — led by Rogers President and CEO Colin Gouveia — presented its strategy for delivering significant revenue growth and profitability improvements. Leaders outlined Rogers’ three-year strategic and financial goals, including an in-depth explanation of the actions the company is taking to achieve its targets.

“We are excited to share Rogers’ strategy to achieve breakthrough growth and profitability over the next several years,” Gouveia said. “We are well positioned in growing, diversified markets which are driven by key secular trends. Also, we have a proven track record of developing innovative materials technology solutions and applying our applications expertise to meet our customers’ complex challenges. As we continue to leverage these capabilities, together with our dedicated focus on improving operations, we expect this to lead to significant top-line growth and bottom-line expansion.”

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rogers ceo at nyse closing bell with gavel

nyse screens with rogers corporation logo featured

rogers leadership team underneath nyse closing bell

investor day group leadership panel at nyse

product table display at nyse investor day

product display at nyse investor and analyst day event

Published on Apr 04, 2023

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