BISCO Fire Protective Covering (FPC) is a high performance specialty silicone foam designed to protect sensitive components from fire damage. This patented material can resist the burn-through of flames while reducing the spread of flames to other areas. FPC silicone is typically wrapped around cables or electronics, but can also be used as a barrier curtain or blanket on airplanes or in fire suits.


  • Fabricated with silicone elastomer cast directly onto reinforcing fiberglass layer
  • Available thicknesses from 0.063 to 0.250 in.
  • Resists continuous temperatures from -55°C to 200°C (-67° to 392°F)
  • Resists intermittent temperatures from -250° to flames at 1038°C (-482° to 1900°F)
  • Provides good resistance to arcing


  • Emits low levels of smoke and toxic gas, making FPC ideal for aircraft and railcar cabins
  • Flexible and durable with good tear resistance
  • Protects areas for prolonged periods of time


Description Language File Type File Size
Technical Information
Tips on Storage and Handling of BISCO Silicones English
Guía de selección de material de silicona Español
BISCO 材料选择指南 中文
BISCO Material Selection Guide English
Data Sheet
FPC - Fire Block Materials English


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