BISCO HT-1500 reinforced silicone rubber composite is the top choice of designers for press pad and high strength gasketing applications. HT-1500 silicone features a coated fiberglass layer between two layers of silicone rubber. This reinforced design provides dimensional stability, durability and tear resistance at high temperatures and pressures.


  • Available thicknesses from 0.031 to 0.125 in.
  • Withstands temperatures above 350°F and pressures above 350 PSI
  • Durometer of Shore A 70 ±10
  • Tensile strength of Warp kN/m (PPI) is 52.5 (300) min.
  • Tensile strength of Fill kN/m (PPI) is 52.5 (300) min.


  • Replaces less durable one-time-use press pad materials
  • Provides high levels of performance, durability and tear resistance



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