BISCO IF-200 foam is the ideal foam for use in harsher environments where strength is critical. IF-200 foam consists of a fiberglass support layer that is directly bonded to our world-class BF-1000 foam during processing. This fiberglass layer provides resistance against abrasion and tear while serving as a flexible, yet supportive base for mechanical installation.


  • Available thickness of 0.197 in. (5 mm)
  • Tear resistant foam grade
  • Consists of BF-1000 foam bonded directly to a fiberglass support layer


  • Withstands harsher environments
  • Offers good tear strength
  • Provides flexible yet supportive mechanical base for installation


Description Language File Type File Size
Data Sheet
IF-200 Data Sheet English
Technical Information
Tips on Storage and Handling of BISCO Silicones English
BISCO Silicones Chemical Resistance Guide English
Silicone Adhesive Liner Removal Process of BISCO Silicones English
BISCO Silicones Environmental Bulletin English
BISCO Material Selection Guide English
49CFR238 & EN45545 Rail Solutions Brochure English


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