BISCO L3-XX40 flooring material provides top of the line insulation, sealing, absorption and protection in vibration isolation pads used for railway flooring. L3-XX40 foam is engineered to meet global standards for flammability, smoke and toxicity. This innovative material is designed to mitigate vibration and provide a smooth passenger ride in high speed rail and other mass transit vehicles.


  • Meets global standards for flammability, smoke and toxicity
  • Resistant to UV rays, weather and extreme temperatures
  • Available thicknesses are 4, 6, 10, 12, 16 and 25 mm
  • Typical density of 352 kg/m3


  • Excellent vibration isolation and damping
  • Provides a comfortable passenger ride
  • Ideal for use in floating floor applications and vibration isolation pads/strips



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