PORON ShockSeal polyurethanes provide engineers a thick grade material for gasket design, cushions, spacers or springs. PORON ShockSeal materials absorb as much or more energy when compared to higher density materials. Handheld grades of PORON ShockSeal materials reduce impact force by up to four times that of competitive material and conveniently conform to some of the smallest and most intricate handheld device designs. Industrial grades of PORON ShockSeal materials are recognized by UL Gasketing and Sealing (UL50E/UL508) and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 302 (FMVSS 302) specifications.


  • Multiple thicknesses available
    • Handheld grade range from .53 to 1 mm (.021 to .039 in.)
    • Industrial grade range from 1.57 to 12.77 mm (.062 to .5 in.)
  • Multiple densities available
    • Handheld grade density of 144 or 192 kg/m3 (9 or 12lb/ft3)
    • Industrial grade density of 192, 240 or 320 kg/m3 (12, 15 or 20lb/ft3)


  • Absorbs and distributes energy to protect against shock
  • Available for handheld devices and industrial applications
  • Allows for thinner applications with excellent protection and cushioning



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