DermaBak Advanced Dermal Materials are specifically designed for use in wound dressing backings, but can also be used in transdermal patches, IV site dressing and EKG pads. The membrane of DermaBak material has a low coefficient of friction to prevent snagging and edge curling during normal contact with fabric or clothing. The low gloss and natural texture make Dermabak products comfortable to the touch and less perceptible.


  • Low coefficient of friction
  • 0.41mm (0.016 in) thickness
  • Density of 480kg/m3 (30lb/ft3)
  • Meet ISO 10993 standards


  • Provide long-term comfort
  • Good conformability and breathability
  • Maintain physical properties after sterilization by Gamma or EtO
  • Can remain in contact with skin for up to 29 days


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