Automotive Head Up Display


The Challenge

The function of a Head Up Display pad is to prevent movement caused by vibration. Head Up Display (HUD) units project transparent images of automotive controls on the windshield of an automobile, allowing the driver to maintain visual focus straight ahead. In the past, this technology was mainly used in military aircraft, however today HUD units can be found in automobiles and commercial aircraft.

The HUD module, which projects the transparent images, is located in the dashboard of an automobile. PORON® polyurethane pads are attached to both sides of the HUD module housing in order to isolate vibrations transferred through the car body and the automobile dashboard parts. These pads effectively isolate road vibration and prevent distortion of the projected image.

The Rogers Solution

The following PORON® polyurethane material can be used as vibration isolation pads in HUD units:

  • PORON® 4701-30 Grade


  • Excellent vibration isolation performance
  • Superior compression set resistance enables long-term performance
  • PORON® polyurethanes compensate for surface unevenness
  • Functional across a wide temperature range (-40°C to 90°C)

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