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Household appliances are expected to do more now than ever before. A washer not only has to clean your clothes, but it must do so in an energy-efficient manner. This concept applies to commercial and industrial blenders as well. In addition to having a blender that works efficiently, today's consumer also desires a blender that will be pleasant to use. Specifically, the degree of vibrational energy and noise that is generated during use needs to be significantly reduced or the experience of making the "morning smoothie" becomes less enjoyable.

PORON® polyurethanes have been successfully used in appliances due to their unique formulations. These materials are able to resist compression set far better than the competition, providing long-term performance with very good energy management properties. When a PORON® polyurethane gasket is used within the motor area of a blender, the noise and vibrations generated can be minimized, thereby providing a more pleasant consumer experience.

The Rogers Solution

The following PORON® polyurethanes can be used as gaskets and cushions in blender applications to reduce noise and vibration:

PORON® 4701-30 formulation in densities 15 pcf, 20 pcf and 25 pcf


Excellent vibration isolation performance

Superior compression set resistance enables long-term performance

Functional across a wide temperature range (-40°C to 90°C)

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