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Company Solves Thermoplastic Wing Coupling Cracking with Rogers

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Rogers ARLON® Solid Silicone Provides Cold Resistance and Retains Mechanical Properties

Customer Problem

A large aerospace company was in the midst of developing a new high altitude drone. Originally, the company tested designs used in their low altitude drones, but testing for the high altitude drone in development showed the old designs would not work. During the testing phase, the company discovered the couplings between the fuselage and wings of the drone were cracking due to the extremely low temperatures encountered at high altitudes - temperatures as low as -65°F (-54°C). While the initial choice of the company’s engineers was a thermoplastic material for the coupling, it soon became apparent that the material couldn't withstand the cold, became brittle and cracked.

The Rogers Solution

Rogers ARLON® silicone-covered fiberglass substrates solved the challenge of providing a low temperature resistant coupling that lasted longer than the competitor's product and still retained its mechanical properties. Uncured silicone was wrapped around a mandrel and vulcanized to produce a cured, flexible coupling that formed an excellent seal able to withstand the harsh temperature conditions of high altitude.


Rogers ARLON® uncured solid silicone proved itself to be a superior solution for aerospace applications in which very low temperatures are a factor. The durable, long-term seal between the drone’s fuselage and wing will help the drone perform reliably in extreme conditions, generating happy customers and saving the company money over time due to fewer repair costs.

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