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Electric Car Manufacturer Protects Its Battery, Stays on Schedule with Rogers


Rogers PORON® AquaPro™ 4701-37 Protects Electric Car Battery from Water

Customer Problem

An innovative electric automobile manufacturer was experiencing a problem with their vehicle's battery access panel gasket. While using high heat and humidity in their exacting pre-launch testing, they discovered a water leak in the battery access panel. The existing gasket was not able to withstand the 70% compression and had to be replaced every time the battery was accessed. Since the battery needs to be accessed through the panel for frequent visual safety inspections and maintenance, the engineers soon realized this would result in additional repair times and costs. The manufacturer needed a quick solution to maintain their high quality standards and stay on schedule with their new vehicle launch.

The Rogers Solution: PORON® AQUAPRO™ Polyurethane Foam

The original gasket material was collapsing due to its poor compression set resistance (see description). The solution for reliable, long lasting gaskets that would seal out water and humidity was Rogers' PORON® AquaPro™ 4701-37 polyurethane foam. The lower density and higher compression set resistance also ensured it was the perfect choice for this battery access panel application to maintain the required 70% compression.


With its high compression set resistance, the PORON® AquaPro™ polyurethane foam maintained the seal on the vehicle's battery access panel even with the frequent access required for visual safety inspections and maintenance. It met the exacting lab tests the manufacturer required and kept out water and humidity. The quick fix PORON® AquaPro™ foam allowed the new vehicle's launch to stay on schedule and will lower costs by saving countless repair hours on the replacement of gaskets.

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