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Marian and Rogers Collaborate to Protect Vehicles Against Water Damage


Rogers PORON® Polyurethane Foam Seals Out Moisture and Allays Quality Concerns

Customer Problem

All manufactured cars are exposed to harsh conditions on the road from time to time. Occasionally, due to a lack of proper sealing, water and moisture can penetrate the car body and cause rust and other problems. Outside components of the car that are exposed to the elements are most susceptible to water leakage. Over time, exterior vents begin to rust and rattle, allowing even more moisture into the vehicle’s body. These problems affect both the car and the customer; water leakage can cause serious damage, and the rattling noise can lead the customer to believe the vehicle was cheaply made or poorly designed. Water damage can also cause safety hazards, resulting in a vehicle recall. One automobile manufacturer, faced with this exact problem, was searching for a solution that would both protect their customer from possible safety concerns caused by the damage, and protect their hard-won reputation.

The Rogers Solution

Rogers collaborated with Marian, Inc., a leader in the manufacture of precision die-cut component parts, in selecting PORON® 30 Grade polyurethane foam. The foam material was used in a gasket around one of the vehicle’s external vents, providing a physical barrier that prevented the entry of penetrating water and moisture. PORON® 30 polyurethane material is dense enough to block out moisture and water leakage, but compressible enough to perfectly seal the vent. What’s more, with the help of the manufacturer, Marian engineers designed an efficient and inexpensive method of cutting the foam that minimized waste material. The foam is cut and then folded into a C-shape to slot precisely into the gasket. The excellent compression set resistance of PORON® polyurethane foam material creates a seal durable enough to protect from the outside elements, preventing rust and potentially more serious damage.


The Rogers/Marian solution provides an effective seal against water damage that is highly likely to last over the lifetime of the vehicle, never requiring a replacement. The auto manufacturer was able to keep their good reputation intact, while ensuring their customer was protected against possible safety hazards and confident in their belief that they purchased a quality product.

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