Success Story

Marian and Rogers Team Up to Provide Gaskets and Seals for HEV Battery System


Customer Problem

A customer of Marian - a global designer and manufacturer of electronic components and integrated systems for the automobile industry - designed an HEV battery system that included an enclosure which required a group of seals and gaskets to protect the sensitive contents of the enclosure from moisture, dust, and debris. The design also required that the seals and gaskets protect the system from failure due to vibration and/or impact. Additionally, from an operational standpoint, decreased costs and increased efficiencies were integral to the success of the program.

The Solution

Marian recommended Rogers PORON® 4790-92 series polyurethane foam material to make the gasket materials. PORON® 4790-92 polyurethane material is extra soft with slow rebound. As such, and in combination with the material's excellent compression force deflection, it easily seals out dust, moisture, and debris for the long-term. In addition, it offers excellent vibration control and impact resistance. Use of a double-coated tape by Marian engineers ensured stability of the PORON® polyurethane material during manufacture and assembly, and provided an aggressive bond between the foam and the enclosure housing.

The Result

Drawing upon their expert material knowledge, Marian engineers recommended and chose durable PORON® polyurethane material that met and exceeded all the customer's design requirements. With this reliable, high-performing material, the customer can rest easy in the confidence that the battery system's gaskets and seals will not fail or compromise the system.

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