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Material Helps Automotive Battery Pack Beat the Cold


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It was essential for user safety that the battery power pack in a major commercial automotive model remain sealed from dust and moisture. Without proper protection, at best, the battery could malfunction and require a costly replacement.At worst, the battery could explode and expose drivers to toxins, putting their lives at risk.

To prevent infiltration of dust or moisture, the battery module and its connector were initially protected by ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) synthetic rubber, but the OEM engineers were concerned about the material’s durability at freezing temperatures.

To evaluate the EPDM material in harsh environments, a special automotive frost test was developed. After extensive testing, the EPDM experienced leakage and failed the test (see below for test details).

The Rogers Solution BISCO® HT-800 material

BISCO® HT-800 cellular silicone material was tested using the same special frost test and passed, without experiencing any leaks.

BISCO® HT-800 proved to be a more effective solution than the EPDM material in eliminating leaks during temperature cycling of an automotive battery power pack. HT-800 is a silicone material with a compact cellular structure for both excellent sealing and vibration reduction. It features the lightness of a foam and the sealing capabilities of sponge rubber. As the testing demonstrates, it handles freezing temperatures without leakage, and is a material that can provide economical protection against wind-driven rain and other forms of moisture in an automobile’s battery pack.


BISCO® HT-800 material represents an effective replacement solution for EPDM as an environmental seal in an automotive battery power pack, such as an IP-67 module. The material provides the environmental protection needed to prevent water and/or moisture from penetrating the automotive battery power pack and its connector even when the material undergoes temperature cycling from below freezing temperatures to above freezing temperatures, as would occur with seasonal environmental changes.

This protection is critical in both preventing costly replacements and in ensuring the safety and well-being of drivers.

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