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Manufacturers of outdoor LED lighting compete against traditional lighting by lowering the total cost of ownership for an outdoor lighting system. Over the life of the system, LED lighting can reduce energy, maintenance and operations costs by more than 70%. A parking lot with as few as 32 lighting fixtures, when converted to LED, can save $60,000 or more over the life of the system. Much of the savings is the result of the LED’s ability to last 50,000 hours. At 10 hours per day, that lifespan is 13 years. However, heat generated inside the fixture can lead to material failure, enabling water and dust to enter the fixture increasing maintenance costs. Environmental contaminants can cause the LED to fail much earlier than 50,000 hours, preventing the customer from achieving the LED manufacturer’s value proposition.

An LED lighting manufacturer was awarded a very lucrative street lighting program, but the varying outdoor temperatures — ranging from -40°C (-40°F) to +65.5°C (+150°F)—caused the neoprene material used by the manufacturer to fail. The neoprene was taking a compression set, resulting in contaminants such as dust and rain to enter the lighting fixture and causing the LED to malfunction. LED malfunction can generate excessive heat inside the enclosure. Add to that the possibility of lightning strikes, and there is an elevated chance for a fire. Ultimately, the neoprene material was not meeting the manufacturer’s need to comply with UL94 V-0 and an enclosure rating of IP-65.

The Rogers Recommended Solution: HT-800 Silicone

In order to maintain the integrity of their total cost of ownership calculations, the lighting manufacturer needed to ensure the 50,000-hour life expectancy of the LEDs. Additionally, the manufacturer needed materials that comply with UL94 V-0 and provide the proper protection for the enclosure to pass IP-65 testing.

BISCO® HT-800 Silicone, with UV protection properties, maintains a seal in temperatures of -55°C (-67°F) to +200°C (+392°F), and is a recommended solution as a gasket for the metal housing of the light fixture to prevent contaminants from entering.


Rogers’ BISCO® HT-800 Silicone is recommended for the ability to maintain a seal in varying and harsh weather conditions while also providing UV protection. When used as a gasketing solution, the enclosure is able to pass an IP-64 rating. This solution also exhibits the same resistance necessary to protect against excessive heat inside the fixture. By maintaining integrity and protecting the LED from contaminants and weather elements, BISCO® HT-800 is uniquely positioned to help the outdoor LED lighting manufacturer prevent shortened LED life, and ensure the customer’s promised total cost of ownership savings.

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