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Parafix and Rogers Partner to Develop PC Solution

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Customer Problem

The customer, a supplier of military grade ruggedized electronics equipment, required assistance in the development, prototyping, and manufacture of three components that would bond and seal the LCD screen and keypad into a ruggedized PC as well as fill any gaps that occurred. The end product is used in hostile environments - subject to heat extremes, dust, dirt, vibration, and shock.

The Parafix and Rogers Solution

Parafix has over 40 years converting experience, spanning numerous markets and applications. They have access to an extensive selection of complementary products that can be combined with Rogers materials to create custom material constructions. They offer a range of services, including rapid prototyping, clean room manufacturing, and a variety of die-cutting capabilities.

Parafix specified high-performance materials for three components that could withstand the extreme environments in which the device would operate. They produced a gasket to bond and seal the LCD screen using an adhesive tape that provided a strong and durable bond.
To bond the keypad they produced a component using a double coated differential tape.

A gap filling component using PORON® 4701 high performance polyurethane foam was produced for placement behind the PCB to protect it from keyboard pressure. The material has excellent compression set resistance which ensures long-term consistent gap-filling capabilities. The PORON® material was laminated with an adhesive for quick and easy application, eliminating the need for a secondary fastening.


The collaboration of Parafix and Rogers enabled all of the customer’s key requirements to be met and exceeded. The combination of complementary materials - a die-cut adhesive component and high-performance polyurethane foam - met dual requirements, e.g. bonding and sealing and bonding and cushioning in one part. In addition, the adhesive materials specified will withstand environmental extremes and perform well throughout the life span of the product.

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